Why have an ICC-CRC?


A successful methods centre capable of supporting the Irish Critical Care - Clinical Trials Group is a key component to improving outcomes in intensive care patients in Ireland.

The HRB funded Irish Critical Care - Clinical Research Centre (ICC-CRC) represents a group of highly motivated clinicians, nurses and scientists working collaboratively to improve outcomes in critically ill patients in Ireland. The ICC-CRC aims to support research being conducted by the Irish Critical Care - Clinical Trials Group (ICC-CTG).

Since it was established in 2015 the ICC-CRC has managed the PHARLAP trial, the TRANSFUSE trial and the PEPTIC trial in Ireland (see research pages).  In addition to the HRB funded studies the ICC-CRC is lead site for STARRT-AKI, STOP-AKI and the ADSCAP trials (see research page).  These definitive intervention studies are supported by epidemiological work (see point prevalence study and SPRINT-SARI), led by the ICC-CRC.